RamenWe convey a hearty welcome to all those visiting our website for the first time and invite you to visit our restaurant for the first time as well. We believe Ten Japan restaurant is like a bag of Lays potato chips, you can’t just visit one time. We believe our food is just that good. If you visit once, you will be hooked. The chef at Ten Japan is also the owner and has been impressing patrons with sushi, noodle dishes and traditional Japanese cuisine for a very long time.

Ten Japan does not skimp on the quality, which is why our customers are so loyal. Other restaurants, for example, will use lower grade rice thinking that American taste buds won’t know the difference. Using poor quality food items may widen their profit margin, but only if their patrons have never experienced properly prepared food made with premium quality food items.

Ten Japan restaurant knows better than to use inferior ingredients and our customers can usually tell the difference. Using excellent quality food is paramount, but cooking it properly is also part of the formula. Chef Joe Shiihara has been schooled at all the top schools in Japan and has many years of experience. He applies all his knowledge, skills and ability to provide his customers with the very best dining experience found anywhere in California and beyond.

While it could be in the future, Ten Japan Restaurant is not a franchise. It’s a family-owned company fully dedicated to making the finest Japanese food. People regularly drive down from San Francisco to enjoy Chef Shiihara’s food.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful little restaurant in the Hecker Pass Shopping Plaza in Gilroy, California.